AMAZE Home UPS AN1675 SINE Wave with Two Amaze 150AH Tall Tubular Batteries




AMAZE Home UPS AN1675 ( Features )
1. 2 Years Repair or Replace Warranty on APC Home Inverter by APC
2. 18 + 18 months Warranty on Amaze Inverter Battery
3. Full Load: This APC Home UPS Lights up 12 Tube Lights, 5 Fans, 4 CFL (25 w), 1 81cm TV/Computer (LED/LCD), 1 170 Lt Refrigerator
4. Free Home Delivery within Bangalore BBMP Limit for this product
5. Cash or Cheque on Delivery available for this product

Expert advice: Call our APC Certified Technical Expert Mr.Balakrishna @ 9632371000 (Bangalore) to get guidance on
1. Which APC Home UPS best suit my requirement (Ex. x Fans, y Tubelights, etc)?
2. Should I need to have Inverter electrical wiring done at home?
Bala.S from VYBAVI has 15 years of experience in this field and served more than 750 customers. With his experience, you would find the best APC Home UPS for your home. Have a Happy Shopping.

AMAZE Home Inverter ( Technical Specification )
AMAZE Home Inverter AN1675 ( Output )
1. Output Power: Capacity 1200 Watts / 1500 VA
2. Configurable Power: 1200 Watts / 1500 VA
3. Nominal Output Voltage: 230V
4. Output Frequency (sync to mains): 47 – 53 Hz for 50 Hz nominal
5. Crest Factor: 3: 1
6. Waveform Type: Pure Sinewave
7. Output Connections: (1) Hard Wire 3-wire (H N + G)

AMAZE Home Inverter AN1675 ( Input )
1. Bypass External Manual Bypass
2. Nominal Input Voltage: 230V
3. Input Frequency: 50 Hz +/- 3 Hz
4. Input Connections: Hard Wire 3-wire
5. Input voltage range for main operations 100 – 270V

AMAZE Home Inverter AN1675 ( Communications & Management )
1. Control panel: LED status display with On Line: On Battery: Replace Battery and Overload indicators
2. Audible Alarm: Alarm when on battery: distinctive low battery alarm: overload continuous tone alarm

AMAZE Home Inverter AN1675 ( Surge Protection and Filtering )
1. Surge energy rating: 140 Joules


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